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The Hampstead Companies is a partnership between The Hampstead Group, Hampstead Development Group, and The Arcadia Group.

In 1992 Hampstead Partners was formed under the umbrella of Hampstead Financial by Chris Foster, Jay Wentz and Norm Root. HP soon became one of the most successful and well-known providers of consulting services to the housing industry in the nation. As a part of its association with special legal counsel, Peabody and Brown in Washington, DC, the group processed 260 eligible projects under the preservation programs over the next 4 years. This represented approximately 20% of the national market share processed from 1993 through 1996.

As the ELIHPA and LIHPRHA programs wound down in the late 1990’s HP turned its focus to the acquisition and rehabilitation of existing low income housing properties. To aid in this effort Art Balourdas was brought on board in 2000 and in 2002 HP Architecture was formed under the Hampstead Partners umbrella.  Architect Michael Fraire and Balourdas later formed The Arcadia Group.

In 2004 HP Project Managers Jeff Jallo and Greg Gossard joined together to form Hampstead Development Group and in 2010 Foster, Jallo, and Gossard formed The Hampstead Group to continue the partnership.  In 2017 Senior Asset Manager Patrick Harper was promoted to Principal, Michael Murphy joined the team and today Foster, Jallo, Gossard, Harper and Murphy continue development as Hampstead Development Partners.